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Queop USA is a Multi-channel SaaS solution to capture and

measure real-time client’s feedback/data through one step interactive surveys along the customer journey  in order to

improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, compare

performance across teams or locations, and improve your

Online Brand Reputation in the fastest and most effective way.


Helping businesses and brands for 9 years and present in more

than 5 countries, Queop opened the USA branch in 2022 with base Miami having already more than 15 clients between Hospitality, Retail and Beauty among other industries.


  • Help you to understand and learn what your customer thinks and value..

  • Help your business to differentiate itself from competitors based on excellent service, reduce customer loss and increase revenue due to more loyal customers/ promoters.

  • Help your business get more positive reviews, stronger SEO and an attractive online reputation.

Work together with you and

your team in focusing efforts
on what your clients really values!

What we want

Experienced Leadership

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